Welcome to my new home recording studio.

Well, technically it's the new piano-centric incarnation of my home studio: most of the instruments and recording gear have been moved into the living room where my Kawai upright lives.  This living room has unbelievable energy, warmth and resonance - the sun pours in like butterscotch onto those 99-year-old hardwood floors. . .

After spending a tremendous amount of money on recording and mastering my last album (”Radio Runaway”) in a posh SoCal studio, I have decided to take a more frugal tack.  I am making some really simple, stripped down recordings directly onto my G4 PowerBook's hard drive using Apple's GarageBand software.  A true minimalist rig: everything is captured using a single Shure SM58 vocal microphone on a boom stand, plugged in to a MOTU 828 audio <-> firewire interface.  I am also trying to keep things artistically organic and spontaneous by minimizing the use of effects and laying down each track in one take.  "Mistakes" will be tolerated unless they are massive train wrecks (actually, I've adopted this philosophy just because I'm too lazy to learn how to use effects and do anything more than once, but that's a secret).

Here are some examples of tunes that I have recorded at home - please take a moment to listen to the mp3's (I plan on uploading a new song each week):

Still In Time.mp3 (composer: Satish)

Greek Song.mp3 (composer: Rufus Wainwright)

Here is a list of equipment I have in my studio for all you gearheads out there:


Kawai upright piano

1961 Wurlitzer 206A electric piano

Clavia Nord Stage 88 (aka The Bomb)

Clavia Nord Electro (simulator of vintage keys)

Kurzweil PC88-mx

Roland Juno-106 synth

Alesis Micron


1973 Yairi (Alvarez) acoustic

Givson archtop (that’s right - a GIVSON.  NOT a Gibson!  This is a genuine $37 Indian axe!)

Ibanez Talman acoustic-electric

Schecter electric

Fender Squire electric bass


Roland TD-20k V-Drum kit

Roland SPD-6 percussion pad

Yamaha RX-21 drum machine (old school shiznit, with matching QX-21 sequencer)

Remo Djembe (African hand drum)

Miscellaneous Instruments

Violin (an old German one)


Gemeinhardt flute

Indian bamboo flute

Indian electronic tambora (drone)

Hohner Melodica

Various harmonicas, kazoos, and noisemakers!


Mackie 408M powered mixer

PAS (Professional Audio Systems) main speakers

Laney 120W guitar amp w/ 2x12 Celestions

Motion Sound KT-80 keyboard amp

Roland KC100 keyboard amp

Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro XL headphone amp/mixer


M-Audio Black Box

Peavey DeltaFex

Pedals: DigiTech Whammy, ZOOM 504 II acoustic, Boss chorus, delay

Recording Gear

24” Apple iMac running OS 10.5 (Leopard)

MOTU 828 audio <-> firewire interface

MidiMan midi <-> USB interface

AKG Perception 200 condenser microphone

Shure SM58 and SM57 microphones

Sony mini lapel microphones (stolen from a news truck - long story. . .)

Grado Labs SR-125 headphones

Software: Logic Studio, GarageBand 3.0.0, Reason 2.0


*photo credit: Megan Dueck (a.k.a. The Meganator)