Bytes for You.

Here are some downloadable audio snipets from recent live performances and jam sessions around town.


The first soundbyte features Me (Satish) on piano, “Djembe” Dave Coan on the Djembe (duh!), and Patrick Mahon on the Big Fat Six String Bass.  This is total impromptu mania - no predetermination, no structure, no agenda.  Bon apetit:

More coming soon. . .

This second soundbyte features Me (Satish) on piano, and the illustrious “Djembe” Dave Coan on the Djembe.    This is once again purely improvisational from start to finish.

Eleven minutes of unnamed, unbridled chaos:

Soundbyte #3 is a solo tidbit from my feature set at the Canvas Gallery Open Mic Showcase.  Just me, myself, and I on guitar and vocals.  I threw in a cover tune to change things up: the infamous country tune “Big River” by Johnny Cash: